Please click here to find a summary of the agreement. at 2007-2011 Contract & Salary Schedules The 2007-2011 UCS-CSEA contract and salary schedules are available in pdf format by clicking below. We thank our members for standing together so faithfully during these negotiations while continuing to serve their students like the consummate professionals they are. The penultimate step on the salary schedules for these employees, designated in the schedule in bold, is known as the "five-year step." endobj On February 12, 2020 the Executive Board unanimously approved the Memorandum of Agreement to send to general membership for a vote. Article 1-- Recognition. endobj Employees in these title series shall be eligible to receive the "five-year step" not later than upon completion of five years of service at … CSA Hosts 2020 Virtual New Member Recognition Events at Borough-Wide General Membership Meetings. • The additional $136 per employee per year that CSA secured in 2014 will be enhanced by 2%, 2.5% and 3% on the dates that each salary increase takes effect. SALARY SCHEDULES FOR THE CSA MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT All information provided herein is subject to verification by NYC & DOE and is also subject to member variations. CUNY Contract. Download . 2016-2021 ASU, OSU, ISU, and DMNA Salary Schedule. However, by using the 2015–19 agreement and applying changes in the TA document, members have the language of the new TA at their disposal. 2017-2021 Agreements. 10 0 obj Contract changes from 2015–19 contract to 2019–24 contract. New Member Information; Other Documents and Agreements; SUPERVISORY SUPPORT PROGRAM; ECE MEMBERS. COUNCIL OF SCHOOL SUPERVISORS AND ADMINISTRATORS | 40 RECTOR STREET | 12TH FLOOR | NEW YORK, NY 10006 | (212) 823-2020 <> The contract for each job title contains a salary schedule that calculates the new salaries when each negotiated pay increase takes effect. 2022 Retiree COLAs Projection: 0.2% as of November 2020. DC37 Blue Collar - Salary Chart - 2017 - 2020 Revised 3/20/2019 + CUNY agreed to implement a phased in minimum wage increase to fifteen dollars ($15.00) per hour for CUNY employees. In addition, we have secured a commitment from the DOE to establish a tenure framework that will provide clear and concise guidance for school-based and non-school-based supervisory tenure decisions. The penultimate step on the salary schedules for these employees, designated in the schedule in bold, is known as the "five-year step." —click on image to see a larger version (opens a new window) November 2020 cost-of-living adjustment memo. endobj Best Cities for Jobs 2020 NEW! <> endstream The 2022 COLAs for CSRS and FERS benefits are based on the increase in the average CPI-W between the 3rd quarter of 2020 (253.412) and the 3rd quarter of 2021 (TBA). Wages that CSA employees did not receive after their last contract expired in 2010 to be provided in incremental lump sum payments as follows: 2016: 12.5 percent 2018: 12.5 percent 2019: 25 percent 2020: 25 percent 2021: 25 percent 8 0 obj Those who protect and educate the city’s children deserve the time necessary to welcome their own children into the world, and we are proud to have secured Paid Parental Leave that provides eligible members with flexibility and security during such a significant period in their lives. Under the 2018 contract, which runs until 2021, UFT-represented employees will receive an increase of 2.5% effective May 14, 2020, and 3% effective May 14, 2021. Community College Employees – February 7, 2020 Senior College Employees – February 13, 2020. Annual Full Time Employees ; Hourly Employees 2019–24 PSRP Salary Table. 7 0 obj CSA members look out for each other and stand up for the values we share. Department Chairs Guide; Past CUNY Contracts; RF Field Unit Contracts. All salary schedules are PDFs. endobj NEW YORK—Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard A. Carranza announced today that the City of New York has reached a tentative contract agreement with the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators (CSA), representing over 6,400 … page 3 as of october 1, 2020 2521 1962 1958 1965 1969 1960 6608 0289 0283 4032 4022 4026 1623 4622 4601 2968 9992 2646 1014 8048 4455 6079 2519 0282 9989 0721 6042 6041 8705 TEACHER SALARY SCHEDULE 2019-2020 ADVANCED AND DOCTORAL DEGREE: CERTIFIED SALARY SCHEDULE: Years Bachelor's Instructional Support: Bachelor's w/ NBPTS Certification of: Monthly 12 Monthly: Annual Salary Monthly: 12 Monthly Annual Salary: Exp Salary Installments (10 months) Salary Installments (10 months) 0 $3,500: $2,916.67 $35,000: … <> 9 0 obj Our members help make New York run by working in over 1,000 titles – everything from Accountants to Zookeepers. The previous contract remains available here. YOUR CONTRACT; Who We Are; GRIEVANCE INFORMATION; RESOURCES FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATORS; CSA WELFARE FUNDS; SUPERVISORY SUPPORT PROGRAM; POLITICAL ACTION; CSA TRAVEL DESK; Member Update; Membership Meeting Schedule; CSA Directory; PRESS. 11 0 obj If you need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the pdf file, it is available under the Member Services section on our website’s home page. 1:19 pm by, CSA Announces Tentative Contract Agreement, CSA Opens Applications For 2020 Scholarship For Child Of An Active Member, Board of Regents and NYSED To Host NYC Meetings For Feedback on Diploma Requirements. endobj Article 4-- Effect of Agreement. Teachers Salary Schedule June 16, 2018; BA C1 C1 + PD BA + 30 C2 C2 + ID MA C2 + PD C2 + ID + PD MA + 30 C6 EA Level IV . stream Save Lives, Save Jobs, Save CUNY. • On July 23, 2020 there will be a payment of $2.28 million to strengthen and protect the Welfare Fund and the Retirees Welfare Fund. The Compensation Accrual Fund was established as part of the 2003-2010 contract agreement between CSA and the city. DC 37 is New York City's largest public employee union, represents about 150,000 members and 50,000 retirees. The CSA question has been unclear since the UFT Contract was ratified. The agreement also provides all members with anti-retaliation protections, clarifies reversion rights, and guarantees more collaborative observations and evaluations. Salary Increase and Retro Pay Calculators for CUNY Contract 2017- 2021 Pay Dates for the 2% Increase Effective February 1, 2020. ... of your Nyc Doe Payroll Calendar 2020 Pdf please click the link below to print and use it to check next payday. The new contract has been converted to HTML. Article 3-- Management Rights. State Job Information. ... Learning and Development New* – 15 Powerpoint 2016 courses added – see Popular Tags: Computer – MS Powerpoint. Agreement includes paid parental leave; with this agreement, over 81 percent of City workforce will be under contract. February 13, 2020. The deal was ratified on May 16, 2007, by a vote of 3633 to 266 (93%). Also see the PDF version, TA Summary, and FAQ. The current contract is extended to 2022. On February 12, 2020 the Executive Board unanimously approved the Memorandum of Agreement to send to general membership for a vote. 6 0 obj Article 5-- Union Rights Appendix F — Salary Schedules of Adult Education Teachers Appendix G — Procedures for Probable Cause Hearings Appendix H — Housing Support Program for Shortage Area Teachers C82 - BU-61 Salary Schedule salary schedules 12/01/2017-02/28/2023 psc/cuny collective bargaining agreement 04103 04134 04134s 04132 04132s 04064 018105 . EFFECTIVE: 2% February 1, 2017; 2% February 1, 2018; 2% February 1, 2019; and 2% February 1, 2020 Title Code 04875 IT Assistant 04877 IT Associate+ DISTRICT COUNCIL 37 IT Support Assistant . distinguished lecturer 4/20/2017 4/20/2017 10/1/2018 10/31/2019 11/15/2020 11/15/2021 11/1/2022 $ 45,750 $ 45,750 $ 46,665 $ 47,598 $ 48,550 $ 49,521 $ 50,512 to to to to to to to $.' 3.9 Ordinary rate of salary means rate of salary as provided for within Schedule 2 – General Division Salaries, Schedule 3 – Specified Calling Salaries or Schedule 4 – Legal Grade Salaries of this Agreement. ",#(7),01444'9=82. <> CSA is pleased to announce that we have reached a tentative contract agreement with the city that achieves our union’s goals and addresses many of our member’s pressing concerns. District Council 37, AFSCME, AFL-CIO 125 Barclay Street, New York, NY 10007 Uncategorized Arbitrator Decides on Lump Sum Payments For Salary CSA Members Earned as Teachers. Employees in these title series shall be eligible to receive the "five-year step" not later than upon completion of five years of service at the preceding step, known as the "last one year step." Compensation Accrual Fund. If the proposed contract is ratified, about 3,000 colleagues in full-time titles will receive salary increases on base in addition to the annual 2% raises. We will hold a membership meeting to review the contract and answer member questions on Wednesday, February 26, 2020. H7¤qGL@~S@ÒçªÓ'¸– ák‡1MX¨US‰DjM7nj TZV*ŸK|ã¡Ó‹ÿKFôêw:K¦©Ð-`“JXW-͵^ ™ÖßBÁJÅI‚Î(êÖ$d]â77f>_ Where top pay for Elementary School Principals under the CSA’s expired pact of $148,630 trailed the maximum salary for High School Principals of $167,222 by $18,592, and the Junior High maximum of $155,089 lagged more than $12,000 behind, those gaps would be narrowed over the course of the new … <> <> þ#.›¡â*ØE\í~QÉM…ø®­Ã_UÑù´Þ| Read the update. endobj Salary Schedules. Salaries posted anonymously by CSA Group employees. CIR Executed Agreement 2018-2021 CIR H+H NYC MOA 2018-2021 CSBA - MOA, 2017-2021 CWA Local 1180 MOA, Executed 2018-2021 CWA Local 1181 MOA, Fully Executed, 2017-2021 Payroll summary for the Los Angeles Lakers. New York Yankees Salaries and Contracts. <> The wages CSA employees did not receive will be restructured and provided in incremental lump sum payments, from 2015 to 2020, reflecting a percentage of the balance as of the payout date—12.5 percent in 2016, 12.5 percent in 2018, and 25 percent each in 2019, 2020, and 2021. With this contract we have also taken a significant step towards achieving more equitable salaries for principals. payroll calendar 2019Nyc Doe Csa Salary Schedule ADP GSA GOV payment schedule Nyc Doe Csa Salary Schedule, federal pay calendar Nyc Doe Csa Salary Schedule Federal payroll calendars. Workers’ Compensation and Safety. Articles. Home » Resources for State HR Professionals » Classification and Compensation » Salary Schedules. Payroll Table Salary ; Player Age 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23 2023-24 2024-25 2025-26 © 2017 CSA NYC PRIVACY POLICY, Posted on February 13, 2020 We are proud to have secured an agreement that properly acknowledges their hard work, talent, and leadership. ÿØÿà JFIF ` ` ÿá ÄExif MM * ; 2‡i @œ   Craig DiFolco  v Š’‘ 66 ’’ 66 2020:02:12 13:38:58 2020:02:12 13:38:58 C r a i g D i F o l c o ÿÛ C A free inside look at CSA Group salary trends based on 28 salaries wages for 21 jobs at CSA Group. We will hold a membership meeting to review the contract and answer member questions on Wednesday, February 26, 2020. Salary Schedule; RF Central Office Contract. Team Names: New York Yankees, New York Highlanders Seasons: 118 (1903 to 2020) Record: 10411-7867, .570 W-L% Playoff Appearances: 56 Pennants: 40 World Championships: 27 Winningest Manager: Joe McCarthy, 1460-867, .627 W-L% More Franchise Info Listen to this post! endobj On April 23, 2007, CSA reached a tentative contract agreement with the City and the Department of Education. 2020 Impact Bargaining; Salary Schedule; Contract Implementation. Salary Schedule; Issues. 3.10 Partner means a person who is a spouse or a de facto … 5 0 obj … We posted about the new teacher contract here.And we posted about the CSA backpay question here.. Article 2-- Definitions. December 11. 2019–24 Teacher Salary Table One of our most critical aims throughout this process was to take care of those members who hope to start a family. ... CSA CONTRACT RATIFIED BY OVERWHELMING MARGIN.