Warrior Quick Drying Enamel is a styrenated alkyd based industrial spraying enamel, which dries to a gloss finish. Key market applications are General Metal and Metal Container. Recommended for areas receiving heavy traffic (vehicle/trucks). The floor is now beautifully clean and looks mint, ready for the demands of a working car-service and repair garage.If you need any help or techincal advice in choosing a floor paint, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01782 550733.Our range of floor paints can be found at regalpaint.co.uk/floor-paint/If you are looking for a floor paint contractor in the Norfolk and Suffolk area, check out @sps2dec #regalpaintuk #floorpaint #showusyourproject #epoxyfloorpaint #epoxyresin #garagefloorpaint #floorpaintcontractors #floorrevamp #factoryfloorpaint #warehousefloorpaintReposted from @sps2dec Forgot to upload these from the other weekends job!X20 5lt tins later over 2 days and this is the final product! document.querySelector(".apc-popup [name='sum']").value = sum.toFixed(2); Contemporary enamel paints may be oil- or water-based, and they typically have high solids contents to produce a thick, glossy coating. © Copyright 2021 Rawlins Paints. Don't forget to check out @gudentight for the most amazing Viking shields! Special fast drying coating for protection of indoor and outdoor metal surfaces. Remove all loose rust and flaking paint by wire brushing. This one coat paint protects against corrosion and impacts. sps2dec@yahoo.co.uk A metal paint made with high grade aluminium flake, rather than pigment, which is dissolved in solvent for 24 hours and diluted with urethan alkyd. Locally working in Norfolk and Suffolk we also cover all aspects of private and commercial decorating all across the country. Ideal for plant and … Designed as a general purpose industrial enamel pattern finish, it is ideal for use where speed of drying is important. Tor Quick Drying Machinery Enamel, for the finishing of factory machinery, tools, agricultural implements, etc. Suitable for use on ferrous and galvanised metal components. Rapid hardening with good adhesion. We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colours of our Products but we cannot guarantee that the colour shown on Customer’s monitor’s display will accurately reflect the colour of the Product on delivery. Simon-07990588648 Ordering in Northern Ireland? Specially formulated for direct application without the need for a separate primer or undercoat. Also suitable for pre-treated aluminium and galvanised steel. Containing anti-corrosion additives the paint has a low odour and dries to a smooth … Rated 1 out of 5 by Mikeyb355 from Not very good at all Bought a tin of this to paint some new metal gates. TESSAROL EGALIN QUICK-DRYING ENAMEL Quick drying enamel for wood and metal. Its superior hiding, combined with an exceptionally high gloss level, leads to an excellent, long-lasting finished appearance. Rapid hardening with good adhesion. ISLAND QUICK DRYING ENAMEL DESCRIPTION : Island Quick Drying Enamel is an alkyd based enamel especially formulated to provide good gloss, and weather resistant property excellent for interior and exterior works. When you’re done with surface preparation, prime bare surfaces with Boysen Red Oxide Metal Primer B-310 or Boysen Rust-Off B-330. Tough and durable product available in all gloss levels and a range of colours. – Hard Drying Time: 48 hours, Brunswick Green, Ford Tractor Blue, Cornflower Blue, Red Oxide, Post Office Red, Caterpillar Yellow, JCB Yellow, Chocolate Brown, Bright Orange, Slate Grey, Light Grey, Black, White. Drying Time and Curing Time All paints, including enamels, dry when the solvents carrying the solids that remain on the painted surface evaporate. Ideal for gates, metal tanks and all ferrous metal surfaces. let num2 = (document.querySelector(".apc-popup [name='num2']").value==0)?1:document.querySelector(".apc-popup [name='num2']").value; They used our 2pack epoxy floor paint in light grey to overcoat a painted, but worn garage floor. : 10-Line A modified alkyd fast drying gloss finish for general metal work. If required suitable undercoat may be used over primer. Do not use when surface to be painted is less than 2°C above the dew point. - Hard Drying Time: 48 hrs Rustins new formula Metal Paint is a low VOC paint for use on both bare and galvanised metal. - Touch Drying Time: 3-6 hours Locally working in Norfolk and Suffolk we also cover all aspects of private and commercial decorating all across the country. For maintenance purpose touch up bare metal areas with suitable primer before application of Quick Dry Enamel. Two Pack Epoxy Floor Paint (Top Coat) - This epoxy floor coating is designed for application to concrete, cement and non ferrous metals. It offers versatility and efficiency of application because of its quick drying properties. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. - Recoat: 24 hrs Quick-drying, restores the original condition of all metalwork. - Recoat: 24 hrs Quick Drying matt Enamel – Enamel Paint – A tough, long lasting, fast drying metal paint with a gloss finish made on a high build alkyd. - Touch Drying Time: 12hrs - Coverage: 5 - 10 m2 per litre Tough enamel, fast drying, protective coatings designed for metal fabrication but suitable for most types of steel, galvanised, … It is ideal for industrial, OEM and metal fabrication. We hope that this article would have helped you to land a top-quality white enamel paint for metal. USE : As a general purpose finishing coat on wood and metal surfaces COLOR : 30 Colors ( Pre-mixed ) Tough finish has long lasting abrasion and impact resistance. - Hard Drying Time: 48 hrs. : 10-Line. #regalpaintuk #paint #floorpaint #floorpaints #epoxy #epoxyresin #epoxyfloorpaint #greyfloorpaint #factoryfloorpaint #warehousefloorpaint #floorpaintcontractors #industrialcoatings #industrialpaints #metalpaint #steelenamel #mdfpaint #plywoodpaint #skippaint ... Thank-you to @sps2dec for sharing these photos of their recent floor paint job. **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**. Royale Enamel Metal Basecoat - Quick Drying Primer - Asian Paints. Quick Drying Metal Paint can be used on the following: • Containers • Metal • Skips • Porter Cabins; Key Facts • Touch Dry … This is based on a chlorinated rubber, halogenated hydrocarbon resin, giving a semi-gloss finish. Please get in touch for any more information or a free quote (these can also be done contactless via email) It is formulated to give a tough, durable, beautiful and high build film on wood and metal. Colour reproduction of the Products on the Site is limited by the technology used to deliver web pages and by the colour representation of Customer’s own monitor and computer set-up. #regalpaintuk #floorpaint #showusyourproject #epoxyfloorpaint #epoxyresin #garagefloorpaint #floorpaintcontractors #floorrevamp #factoryfloorpaint #warehousefloorpaint Antislip Quick Dry Concrete Floor Paint is suitable for heavy duty commercial and industrial areas. - Touch Drying Time: 12 hrs Reposted from @gudentight We finally put the primer on the floor ready for the paint, I have to say @regalpaintuk make some fantastic paints, it went down very easily and we look forward to putting the colour down tomorrow #workshop #workshopfloor #diy #diyordie #hardwork #fun #gudentight #regalpaintsuk #pink #primer #paint #wip #roller #flat #level ... We hope that you all had a happy Christmas and are looking forward to a positive and productive 2021!Many of us are in a Tier 4 area with the possibility of tighter restrictions on the way, however we REMAIN OPEN THROUGHOUT for the manufacturing and delivery of our floor, metal, wood and masonry paints. 1 x 5lts QUICK DRY HIGH BUILD FLOOR PAINT - Full Cure: 7 days, Milking Parlour Wall Paint - Designed for it’s resistance to moisture and industrial pollution, and is also extremely resistant to chemicals, acids and alkaline. Not suitable for use under cellulose finishes. The pack includes all the products you will need to go from a bare concrete floor to a dust free, clean , protected and visually appealing floor. Heat resistant up to 150 degrees C. Steel-grey in finish. Thank-you to @gudentight for allowing us to share these photos of them applying our two-pack epoxy floor sealer. USES: Warrior Quick Drying Enamels can be used as a finishing coat on suitably primed metal substrates. This epoxy metal paint has excellent durability and impact resistance. A quick drying ready for use alkyd enamel. Slate Grey, Light Grey, Brunswick Green, Ford Tractor Blue, Cornflower Blue, Red Oxide, Post Office Red, Caterpillar Yellow, JCB Yellow, Chocolate Brown, Bright Orange, Black, White. A modified alkyd fast drying gloss finish for general metal work. This gives protection against solvent, salt and water damage. Anticorrosive Quick Dry Primer gives excellent protection against corrosion. It's easy to … Plywood Paint / MDF Paint - A tough, long lasting, fast drying gloss finish made on a high build alkyd. Fast drying high gloss enamel that has excellent adhesion to bare metal and is suitable for farm implements, steel parts and structures etc. TESSAROL METAL EXPRESS. - Coverage: 5-10 m² per litre Single Pack Floor Paint Bundle 5 Litres (25-50 Sq meters Coverage), Single Pack Foor Paint Bundle 5 Litres (25-50 Sq meters Coverage) - The single pack floor paint bundle is aimed at the light industrial and commercial market. - Hard Drying Time:48 hrs Store the closed containers in a store room which is either in a safe place or is a fire resisting structure. The Krylon K01010A07 spray paint for metal is one of the most durable and best spray paint for metal options currently available. High Build Phosphate Quick Dry Primer gives excellent protection against corrosion. Can be used for a variety of applications as diverse … wear gloves, goggles, etc, Ensure good ventilation, mechanical if necessary, Do not eat or smoke in the vicinity of work, Refer to supply container for additional warning labels. – Recoat: 16 hours Great job and we look forward to seeing the topcoat go down. - Coverage: 5-10 m² per litre From bare concrete to application of the sealer coat and the light grey top-coat. Heat resistant up to 150 degrees C. Steel-grey in finish. Blackfriar Quick Drying Metal Paint is specially formulated to provide a tough, long-lasting, high gloss finish. //
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